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Bumper dating

(CINCINNATI) — The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is taking a modern approach to finding the perfect mate for the animals under its care.

The zookeepers have gotten matchmaking down to a science using a system that zoo director Thane Maynard described as an animal version of a popular dating site.

"What we hate is an important part of who we are, but it's often swept under the rug in our public persona," says Alper.

"We want people to express themselves more honestly.

Plus, it's easy to start a conversation if you know you both hate pickles."Launching publicly on February 8th, Hater offers over 2,000 topics for you to swipe on, including stage five clingers, Coachella, Mondays, hickies, and Halloween to name a few.

Once presented with a topic, you swipe up if you love it, down if you hate it, left if you dislike it, right if you like it, or you can click through if you have no opinion.

Hater's algorithm will take it from there, finding like-minded people with similar interests (and ) for you.

After matching, Haters even have the option to break the ice with hilarious fill-in-the-blank tiles (think Cards Against Humanity). "While in beta, Hater's founders saw top hates included the presidential election of 2016 (duh), while top loves included guacamole (fucking duh).

Some factors that are considered when matching animals include genetics, social needs, zoo interest, and the zoo’s capacity to house additional animals, Evans said. you don’t want to send any animal anywhere and not know how that animal might get along with the other animal,” Evans told WCPO.In addition, the program pays special attention to animals’ family tree when choosing mates in an effort to promote genetic diversity, WCPO said.Although some animals are on birth control to control the population, Maynard said the the “importance” of the complicated program “can’t be overstated for zoos.” Copyright © 2017, ABC Radio. Well, she didn’t have real good balance, so she let her butt rest against the rear fender to steady herself. When she was finished, she quickly noticed that her warm butt had stuck to the fender.Thoughts of tongues frozen to pump handle nightmares immediately came to mind and she soon realized that she had a real problem.

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Hater's gonna hate, and date, and we're here for it.

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