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Valentine's Day brings out the best and worst in human behavior.

The Financial Risk of Online Dating Online dating site users typically have similar goals—to find a relationship, and hopefully the love of their lives.

In some cases, online dating site users have ulterior motives, like one man from Rockland, Maine who allegedly stole thousands of dollars from the women he was dating.

Rajeshwari was active on websites such as and police said she was primarily targeting techies in the city.After a few days of conversation, the techie claimed she made him book movie tickets and had even connected with him on social media.The victim said there had been an exchange of private photos.He asked for money to pay for cancer treatment or other doctor bills from multiple women he was dating.Learn more about online dating scams from Consumer Affairs.

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Online dating sites are understandably popular and because of that, regardless of the millions of admonitions to watch out for con artists, they're also a growing favorite for numerous heartless scammers.

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